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Introduction Center

In collaboration with China Medical University and Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), the institute was founded to integrate various resources and potentials of related research domains via introducing modern technologies to medical treatments. Collaboration includes student exchanges and training, clinical research, and bringing new technologies into the institute. The technologies will be geared to international advanced development in 3D printing medical applications such as medical models (e.g. dental models), rehabilitation devices, and neurosurgery.
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Vision and Missions
Our vision is to be the world's premium organization to develop and deliver advanced and affordable 3D printed medical care including biomedical devices, implants and therapeutics to improve the quality of life of the general public.
1.Develop and deploy innovative and quality 3D printed devices/products for health care, industrial applications, and medical education
2.Import innovative and quality 3D printing technologies around the world
3.Spin out new startup companies in allied fields
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