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16th National Innovation Award(2019):Innovative cell blocks for 3D artificial dermis development

Skin damage can greatly affect people's vital functions. If the skin is slightly damaged, it is usually possible to repair the wound by the body's own production of collagen and fibrin.

If the wound area is too large, skin grafting is required. Not only that, but the loss of dermis and flaps and skin damage caused by lesions, cancer, burns, accidents, and the demand for skin substitutes around the world are also increasing.

Large areas of skin defects, in addition to the limited skin left by the patient itself, scar contracture after injury is also an important issue. In response to this problem, the team used advanced therapies, active wound dressings: mainly to promote wound healing with biological products or tissue engineering.

The new artificial dermis is made of three-dimensional cell blocks combined with three-dimensional collagen substrate, which has the physical properties of natural skin, good biocompatibility, and cell blocks can secrete extracellular matrix and growth factors to provide a growth environment for skin tissue repair and to accelerate the reconstruction of skin tissue. In the development of innovative artificial dermis containing three-dimensional cell blocks, the research team combines the experience of clinicians with the strengths of basic research and expects to be able to actually achieve cross-domain collaboration. In terms of technological innovation, the research team also has the advantages to develops a manufacturing method for the three-dimensional collagen substrate. In addition, a patent has been proposed to efficiently and rapidly expand and prepare three-dimensional cell blocks that can control uniform configurations of uniform size.

The research team has created many innovative technologies and achievements in 3D printing medical applications and hopes to accelerate the progress of the overall medical technology. At the same time, it hopes to build a top-level center for 3D printing medical applications in the Asia-Pacific region with Taiwan as the development base. The concept of "health, care, innovation and excellence" will bring Taiwan's medical development technology to the world's leading position.

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